A day in the life of a teenager, roaming the streets of New York.

Day 2 , East Group Exploration. (Stories)

After venturing a few blocks east from Eye Beam. We kept our eyes out for things that can be used to describe Chelsea, but during the exploration, I decided to look for the small things. The unsung pieces of Chelsea, East Chelsea.

Window Above ( A story by Jarius Pierre-Toussaint , of the DDC program)

On the Eat side of Chelsea, lies a window. it never seems to close, and is constantly draped with novelty items. Superman , Hulk , Mario , Batman. Many have blessed this window , few have seen it. Although its quiet, unknown, and unspoken, it will still remain there. Dressed in its comical armor, watching over Chelsea.

Where The Kids Go

Kids dance and play in a Chelsea park experiencing summer to the fullest,  But as the sun reaches its peak, and blazes an inferno onto the streets, the park is quickly cleared. The swings no longer creak at the playful children swinging back and forth. The slide is no longer in use. The trees have no one to climb them, and there is no line at the fountain. All that remains is an immobile  basketball, sitting by its lonesome on the court, a breeze, and a lonely park, remembering the kids that once treated it like home. But it doesnt fear lonelyness, because it knows, as soon as the sun vanishes, the kids shall return.

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